22 yrs old from Cicero, Indiana.

Currently living in Newport Beach, CA


Born in the country side of Indiana, where I first found my love for the camera. Started making videos with my neighborhood friends when I was 9 years old and fell in love with the essence of capturing a moment forever. After high school I went on to study and play basketball at a very rigorously academic school, Wabash College. Here I gained a scholarship to travel and Study Film in Auckland, New Zealand where I was taught by members of the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings 1 on 1. During this time I really found my true passion for filmmaking and photography and started taking things very serious. During my free time I would rent a car and travel the country-side taking photography and videos. Around this time I really learned the ends and outs of my camera equipment. I was eventually hired by APNA TV in New Zealand to run and direct all commercials that would stream daily to millions of viewers. Shortly after my time in New Zealand I decided to fly to Bali, Indonesia where I spent two months traveling and doing video and photography work for various models and swimwear/clothing brands. While overseas I begun to get recognized and was asked to Direct and Edit a music video for the world famous DJ R3Hab in the Philippines - achieving over 1 million + views. 

Once my experience overseas was over I then was contacted by a few Indiana artists where I dedicated several weeks Directing, Filming, Acting, and Editing music videos for the band Out of The Blues and artist Micah Jewel. These are two of my most proud works where I made them completely on my own. I am extremely passionate about the arts and working to become world known for directing music videos and movies. On Spetember 22nd of 2018 I decided to pack all my belongings and move to California to continue pursuing my dream. I am currently writing screenplays and trying to make connections. My love for the arts runs deep and I'm always keeping an open mind. Contact me today and lets create some magic, you will be surprised by my hard work and creativity!

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